Success Training & Total Golf Learning Center
How Good Do You Want To Be?

Success Training and Total Golf Learning Center is a private, first
class, affordable and motivating physical development workout
facility that will allow you to accomplish your fitness goals!!!

Our facility is dedicated to help you meet your health target. We
have equipment ranging from free-weights to Paramount fitness
machines, as well as equipment for core training and aerobic fitness.

We have a unique facility, located in Colorado Springs, which is
equipped with a golf learning center. Here we not only record and
analyze your swing, captured in stop-frame motion, but you can work
on your long and short game with our very own golf pro, Ron Weber!
Customer Testimonials
Ron Weber's training is
akin to the training the
pro's receive, but at an
affordable cost.
Jason A.
Weight loss, nutrition and
quick time fitness, equal
my losing 42 pounds in
four months.
Barbara K.